Meme-Making Workshop

Meme-Making Workshop

14.Jun 2021 6-8pm

Michelle O’Higgins & Stan Bidston-Casey in collaboration w The Drudgery

Miche & Stan in collaboration with The Drudgery are holding their second workshop as part of their residency at 'Superfluous'. Work Meme-Making workshop will continue their investigation into the possibilities of post labour, through dismantling our current work related ritualistic culture.    

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Workshop description:

Absolutely fed up with spending hours at work for little pay and little rewards?? Come along to our meme-making workshop as we funnel our experiences and frustrations with employment today into hand-crafted memes over conversations about work.

Rippling to the furthest corners of the internet, memes powerfully articulate our cynisms, relatable struggles and political commentary, often becoming inside jokes between billions of people. As they circulate they are chopped and changed, thrown around in response to whatever is happening in culture at that time and as such can activate empathy and awareness for important messages. They say a lot in very few words, acting as templates into which we are able to express and inject our experiences in a lo-res, DIY visual language.

In this hands-on workshop, we will be cutting and sticking, sharing and venting as we craft our collective frustrations with work into memes, to be exhibited in The Drudgery newsletter and at Superfluous gallery.

Can memes and the collective crafting of them be a way to build community and solidarity in a world of work that we experience as precarity and isolation? Can humour create more empowering and moralising languages to talk about the problems with work and mental health today, finding respite for a moment in the silliness of a meme, while evoking urgency and care for each other?

What important conversations can memes start?