In Rage

In Rage


Eva Dimitrakopoulou
Krystle Patel
Eye Suriyanon

Things have gone sour for a while — lately we find ourselves feeling as if all that is left of our agency are molecules billowing in a whirlwind of frustration. Miasmatic sensations pulsate through our tiny drifting bodies, gradually transforming them into involuntary carriers of rage. 
Contemporary culture feels subdued; littered with proxies of rage. Everyone unwillingly pandering; to the market, to our colleagues, to ourselves. We worship at the temple of false positivity and devote ourselves to seeking frictionless experiences, never deviating from what has been mapped out for us in an increasingly digitised, binary world. 

In Rage is a residency focused on open process, collaboration and experimentation, exploring rage both as content and as a tool.
Defining ‘existential rage’ requires a gentle and ever changing touch; repositioning oneself over and over. The artists in residents will think and work through this strange non-space; the gap between the bed and the wall. The raw, naked, adrenaline-fueled, unmitigatable fury that pushes us to euphoric heights and unspeakable lows. 
Does it sedate us? Or does it enable us to act? 

Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou (b. Athens, Greece) is a sculptor and multimedia artist based in London. Her work comprises of installations with various elements, such as olfactory and edible ingredients, that reach towards the idea of Otherness, disassociation, and care. 
Solo shows: Phaneromene, Palfrey gallery, London, curated by John Chilver (2020), To Host, The Change room, London, curated by Oana Damir (2019). Recent group shows include PEER Acme award show, Peer gallery, London, Kupfer Projects and 231kupfer, curated by Jeanette Gunarson, Korai project space, curated by Andreas Mallouris, Nicosia, Cyprus, London Graduates, Saatchi Gallery, curated by Januario Jano, London, Kabelvåg, Norway, curated by Felice Moramarco, DEPTFORD X Festival, Take Courage Gallery, London, SB34, Brussels, curated by Naz Balkaya, Illeana Tounta gallery, curated by Gallini Lazani, Athens, Greece, “Rooms 2018”, Kappatos Gallery, curated by Lina Tsikouta, “Studios 2017”, Taf – The art foundation, curated by Christina Dilari and Ifigenia Papamikroulea

Krystle Patel is a London based Asian artist born in Texas, USA. For the last 15 years she has been a practicing Dentist and recently moved away from clinical work to complete an MFA at Goldsmith’s University. Over the past year she has shown collaborative projects with The Florence Trust, Eastside Projects (The Exchange) and Deptford X. She has a monthly radio show with Aaja music and RTM FM, exploring the sound aspects of her work. Krystle has been selected for this year’s Bloomberg New Contemporaries and the Government Art Collection.

Eye Suriyanon lives and works in Glasgow, UK. Her audio-visual work explores the collaborative use of machine learning applications to investigate how the power of the collective voice can be used to negotiate systems of dominance. Her work has been previously exhibited at The Holden Gallery, UK (2022); House Conspiracy, Australia (2021); and Anthony Burgess Foundation, UK (2019).