David Ferrando Giraut

David Ferrando Giraut

10.Jul 2021, 6-8pm.

Video still, 'The Accursed Stare', 2016

Superfluous welcome you to a screening and artist talk of film works by artist David Ferrando Giraut.
The screening program journeys through several works, produced between 2006 and 2016. The early works Night of the Living Dead, 2006 and Cry Wolf (Making of), 2007 synthesize slasher flick representations and Situationists’ ludic use of urban space, drawing on the tragic spirit of the Romantic vision of nature. Ferrando Giraut reflects on how media images come to form part of our own personal memories, influencing perception of our immediate reality.

The occupation with the image as both deadly and seductive, a trigger and a product of desire, is also at the center of his latest work ‘The Accursed Stare’ (2016). This is an audiovisual essay and psychedelic-fluo CGI animation, which employs George Bataille’s theory of general economy to consider the evolution of the image and its use. 

David Ferrando Giraut, (b 1978, Negreira, Spain) practice focuses mainly on video, sound and installation, combining the hybridisation of natural elements, technology and sociopolitical organisation through history. Using the tensions between representation and represented reality as a cognitive tool, some of his recent concerns are related to the colonisation of aesthetic experience by capital. 

Superfluous is a level access space with double doors. It does not have an accessible toilet. This is a covid safe event which requires the use of facemasks and social distancing. There will be seating at this event. Some of the lighting in the space is fluorescent. The films contains flashing images.

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