Bodies of Work

Bodies of Work

15.Jun - 4.Jul

Michelle O'higgins & Stanley A Bidston-Casey

Bodies of Work is a collection of projects that explore the future of work and our changing relationship with usefulness in an automated world. Influencer morning routines, oddly satisfying sand-cutting videos, inconvenient sandwiches and unpredictable clocks, this exhibition attempts to question our insatiable work ethics in an increasingly precarious world of work, offering optimistic and playful visions for a collective reassessing of the meaning of labour today.

Bodies of Work is the culmination of Miche & Stan's 6 week residency at our project space on Old Kent Road which has spanned research, workshops and installations, culminating in their first collaborative show.

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Michele O'higgins and Stanley A Bidston-Casey, a duo of transdisciplinary designers, working together since 2020 to explore topics of automation, post-work imaginaries and alternate temporalities through performative and tactile experiments. Experimenting across mediums but often marry creative coding with performance and lo-fi film/making, as they seek to turn algorithms inside out to reveal the soft fleshy bits inside.  

Mich and Stan will be carrying out a project called “Bodies of Work;” which aims to explore themes of post-work productivity, the bodily strains of digital performance and influencer culture. They will be delving into the outrageous morning routines of billionaires, lifestyle influencers, tik tok algorithms and absurd lifehack videos during this month with Superfluous. 

  Michelle O'higgins

 Stan A Bidston-Casey